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Products and Services

Technical Rollers ++ Galvanic Operations ++ Thermal Spraying ++ Rotogravure Cylinders ++ Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing

Our own mechanical engineering department produces complete machinery units and special devices thanks to extensive technical know-how and years of experience. We also offer the following services when commissioned by customers – of course, all services are performed to the usual quality standards:


External cylindrical grinding (centerless or between the centres)
Internal cylindrical grinding
Flat grinding
Boring mill work
Dynamic balancing (including at the third level)
Repair of damages rollers and printing cylinders
Axis conversions


The accessories which we have been carefully producing on our own premises for decades include:

Construction of Accessoires

Hardened inner races
Bearing housings and bearings
Gear wheels
Machine parts

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Bolz Production Video: Explore the world of roller technology and take a look at our production facilities.
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