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Products and Services

Technical Rollers ++ Galvanic Operations ++ Thermal Spraying ++ Rotogravure Cylinders ++ Contract Manufacturing

Galvanic Operations

Bolz GmbH has access to over 40 first-class equipped galvanic systems in the areas of nickel, copper, chrome and multilayer plating. After the copper-plating process, the rotogravure cylinders and rollers are finished by special machines (Polishmaster, CFM, polishing and grinding machines) which guarantee precise dimensions and surface quality.


Copper Plating
Maximum Dimensions
D.670 x BB 5.100 mm
Chromium Plating
Maximum Dimensions
D 850 mm x BB 4800 mm
Scope Changes
Coppering, Coating, Belling, Thermal arc metal spraying, Axle conversions, Rolling width modifications
Gravure cylinder management
We offer the management and storage of gravure cylinders as a special service for our customers.
The equipment of our Galvanic section:
28 x Cu - Baths
6 x Ni – Baths
7 x Cr – Baths
9 x conventional lathes
2 x CFM lathes
2 x FM / grinding machine and polisher
1 x grinding machine
3 x belt sander and polisher
5 x Polishmaster

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