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Products and Services

Technical Rollers ++ Galvanic Operations ++ Thermal Spraying ++ Rotogravure Cylinders ++ Contract Manufacturing


Our ready-to-use gravure cylinders are succesfully used in a variety of areas and are produced according to specific requests from the customer. In order to guarantee optimum printing, all cylinders are subject to an extensive quality control.

Areas of application

Packaging printing
Illustration printing
Commercial printing
Decorative printing
Wallpaper printing
Textile printing

The repeat length and the rolling widths of discarded rotogravure cylinders can be modified according to customer requirements. We can offer economical and innovative processes:

Rotogravure cylinder modifications

Rolling width modifications
Thermal arc metal spraying
Axle conversions

Rotogravure cylinder copper plating

Bolz GmbH has access to 40 first-class equipped galvanic systems in the areas of nickel, copper and chrome plating. After the copper-plating process, the rotogravure cylinders and rollers are finished on special machines (Polishmaster, CFM, polishing and grinding machines) which guarantee precise dimensions and surface quality.

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