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Our Thermal Arc Spraying techniques are coating processes in which melted materials are sprayed onto a surface. There are a variety of uses for this procedure. Depending on the application and requirements, we use different materials e.g. for corrosion protection, for more adhesion, as conductive material, for repair, for the compensation of unevennesses on surfaces or as a basis for further processing of materials. Thereby, this method offers a number of advantages. On the one hand we can achieve degrees of hardness up to 70HRc, and coating thicknesses up to 5mm, and secondly, there is the possibility to refine materials that can not be galvanized.


Coating material: Services:
Ni, Al, NiAl Generate conductivity
35-,95-,140 MXC Repairs
Alcro wire Material protection
Copper Scope changes
Chrome(-steel) /
Special coatings

  Thermal Spraying Info

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