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Bolz Production GmbH has become a specialist for heating and cooling rollers.

May 5, 2016

Since the restructuring of our modern company, we have become a pioneer in the field of cooling and heating rollers.

We offer a variety of possible constructions in the area of cooling and heating rollers with liquid or electrical heating. In the animation (see above) you can see one of our possible designs illustrated: In this case, with a parallel flow and return flow of the cooling or heating medium. We also offer other designs with the possibility of various exports of flow and return flow of the tempering medium.

We focus more and more on our comparative advantages in the production of heating and cooling rollers. We provide full service from first hand. From the production of the base body, its coating (chromium, nickel, copper) to finishing (nearly mirror glossy, in the future we will be also able to offer this) - we adapt our production to your individual requirements!